Whose School Is It?

Ozark Catholic Academy's motto: Docilitas, Veritas, Libertas, Sanctificate fits well with Jacques Maritain's understanding of freedom gained from education. In his book Education at the Crossroads, Maritain argues that education “has its own essence and its own aims.” Education is for “the inner liberation of the human person.” It is essentially humanistic and therefore resists … Continue reading Whose School Is It?

The Goal of Classical Education is Truth

What is the purpose of Education? For parents and teachers, I like to ask what is the purpose of the education that occurs here, at your school? It could be asked of an elementary school, middle school, high school and college. What if the Admissions Director or the Head of School answered such a question … Continue reading The Goal of Classical Education is Truth

Why We Need Mentors

Catholic Studies programs were not created for non-Catholics to study the Catholic Faith, but rather to deepen the knowledge and formation of Catholics to live in the world. After four years of college, young graduates are looking to enter the workplace and live on their own. All important first steps for young college graduates. But … Continue reading Why We Need Mentors

The Liberal Arts: Dawson’s Prerequisite for the Reconstruction of Christendom

The Liberal arts are defined from the Latin, as the "freeing arts."  Dr. Brad Birzer states in the essay below, "The liberal arts must also embrace and engage, at a fundamental level, the faculty of imagination. Only the latter would prevent the narrowing decay of an understanding of the world and the human person." Reading Rod … Continue reading The Liberal Arts: Dawson’s Prerequisite for the Reconstruction of Christendom

Toward a Distinctly Catholic School

This is the third document that I used in my vision presentation for creating a Catholic high school. Beginning a Catholic high school where there is not one, a questions that is asked in variety of forms of  why do we need a Catholic high school when all the education is the area that is … Continue reading Toward a Distinctly Catholic School

Knowledge, Virtue, and Holiness

This is the second article that I included in the vision presentation for creating a Catholic high school.   https://www.catholiceducation.org/en/education/philosophy-of-education/knowledge-virtue-and-holiness.html Written by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone I.    Introduction In his first Encyclical, Lumen fidei ("The Light of Faith"), Pope Francis begins with the following words: The light of Faith: this is how the Church's tradition speaks … Continue reading Knowledge, Virtue, and Holiness

Saving the Soul of Catholic Schools

  I ponder this article in light of starting a school and securing the fundamental pillars of what makes a school Catholic as well as schools that exist today and how these are the pillars from which they should be renewed. R. Jared Staudt's statement of what makes a Catholic school Catholic is to the … Continue reading Saving the Soul of Catholic Schools

The Holy See’s Teachings on Catholic Schools

There were three documents that I included in vision presentation for a creating a new Catholic high school.  This is document #1. I would say the first concrete sign from the Holy See that I remember in acknowledging a turning or Renaissance in Catholic Education is this speech and subsequent document presented by Archbishop Michael … Continue reading The Holy See’s Teachings on Catholic Schools

Opening Salvo

     I had a site up for a few years while in the midst of teaching at Western Academy in Houston, concerning teaching.