Tocqueville and Classical Education

Anyone familiar with Alexis de Tocqueville knows that he praise and concerns for America are still a worthy guide today and for our future. Brian Smith offers a short example of Tocqueville's insights on education. Year after year, education policy experts produce reports and proposals that assume we need some form of national education … Continue reading Tocqueville and Classical Education

Whose School Is It?

Ozark Catholic Academy's motto: Docilitas, Veritas, Libertas, Sanctificate fits well with Jacques Maritain's understanding of freedom gained from education. In his book Education at the Crossroads, Maritain argues that education “has its own essence and its own aims.” Education is for “the inner liberation of the human person.” It is essentially humanistic and therefore resists … Continue reading Whose School Is It?

STEM may be about the Future but Liberal Arts are Timeless

Since 2016 there has been a constant drum beat among American politicians about the useless and complaints about expenses toward a liberal arts education.  Yet in the practical world of today's business, it appears that liberal arts majors are holding their own in over lifetime income, as well as holding leadership positions, and even being … Continue reading STEM may be about the Future but Liberal Arts are Timeless

The Great Books Movement: A Return to the Classics

  What are the Great Books? What is the Great Books Movement and why does it exist?  This is a good article to introduce those interested know what are the Great Books and the movement that began in the 20th century. THE GREAT BOOKS MOVEMENT A Return to the Classics by Patrick S. J. … Continue reading The Great Books Movement: A Return to the Classics

Why Catholic Education is Better Education

Professor Hanby has been part of reinventing a Catholic School, St. Jerome Academy, and  continues to pursue research and teaching at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. The heart of a Catholic school, is Christ, particularly, that he can truly be present in the tabernacle, not just through the … Continue reading Why Catholic Education is Better Education