Theological Foundation of Catholic Education

Schall reflects on Tracey Rowland's assessment of Catholics in the world. ¬†Rowland's observation that,¬†"It is a common experience, not just in Scotland (which has state aid for Catholic schools), Australia, or the United States, that someone can attend years of ostensibly Catholic schooling yet end up knowing little of what it is all about and … Continue reading Theological Foundation of Catholic Education

Why Catholic Education is Better Education

Professor Hanby has been part of reinventing a Catholic School, St. Jerome Academy, and ¬†continues to pursue research and teaching at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family. The heart of a Catholic school, is Christ, particularly, that he can truly be present in the tabernacle, not just through the … Continue reading Why Catholic Education is Better Education

Saving the Soul of Catholic Schools

  I ponder this article in light of starting a school and securing the fundamental pillars of what makes a school Catholic as well as schools that exist today and how these are the pillars from which they should be renewed. R. Jared Staudt's statement of what makes a Catholic school Catholic is to the … Continue reading Saving the Soul of Catholic Schools